Pre-Kademy Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy is a combination of traditional learning, focused on reading, writing and arithmetic, with a balance of learning by play activities. We cover a variety of subjects including science, music, and art. All of our lessons are catered to our student’s interests and learning styles while incorporating the Common Core Standards.

In addition to academics our classes have a major focus on socialization skills. We instill in our students a respect for others and learning. In addition, we supply students with the verbal skills to solve situations peacefully. At PreKademy we want children to grow, not only mentally and physically, but emotionally as well while following the Arizona State Standards.

 The adjustment from a day care or home setting to a school can be a scary and difficult time in a child’s life. We offer a carefully planned schedule to allow students the time they need to transition to the school setting. It is our goal to have each of our students meet or exceed all of the readiness requirements needed to attend kindergarten as well as be prepared mentally and emotionally for the journey ahead of them.

Why us?


Pre-Kademy, frankly, is the best at what we do!

Children who complete our program perform far beyond children of the same age on their kindergarten readiness entrance exams.

We also work hard on their social, verbal and even physical skills; This way they are fully ready for a school atmosphere.

No other school compares to the in-depth programming at Pre-Kademy!