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Mrs. Shital - Community Outreach

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3+ Years Experience

Certified Montessori Teacher

Mrs. Shital's Personal Testimonial:

I feel so lucky that my daughter attended PreKademy. The school not only prepares the students for Kindergarten, but also helps children develop the social skills to give them confidence. I saw how the teachers apply all their skills and determination to make the children comfortable at school, which offers a very healthy and positive environment for learning. The curriculum covered by the school is really advanced and has helped my daughter to be ahead of most of the children in her Kindergarten class. The school works as a community to really develop self-respect and responsibility in the students. I can see how kind and responsible my daughter has become, not only for herself, but for friends and family. This has really helped her to make new friends with ease, even after changing multiple schools. The school has contributed immensely to make my daughter a better student and learner. Thanks a lot for all the help and support you have provided to my daughter!

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